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Heroic Dogs - Chubs

Sunday, August 16, 2015

When we humans think of heroes, we think superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, and many more fantastic people who have supernatural powers that make them capable of saving the lives of normal people like us.  On a deeper level, we think of the more realistic heroes like firemen, police officers, military members, and doctors.  Everyday people who use their human type of powers that can put them in harms way to save the lives of their fellow human kind.  But what about heroic dogs?  They come in many forms too!

Dogs are well known companions of the working man.  Service dogs, K-9s, rescue dogs, herding dogs.  You name it, the dog is going to master it.  Because dogs have such a desire to work for and please their humans, they can be counted on to perform at their very best.

Meet Chubs.  He is the mascot of our American Forces Network team.  Mascots are morale-bringers not only to the unit but to everyone who interacts with that unit.  And when the unit is present, people are looking for the mascot.  In this case, our hero is an English Bulldog named Chubs.  I have the honor of visiting the AFN team often and each time, I look forward to seeing this guy.  He brings smiles just by being there.  And when you watch his video, you'll see why!

Chubs has been with his unit for several years and is so lovable that if you simply give him an ear rub, he's all yours.  Or better yet, why not a piece of bacon?  Every dog needs some bacon.

Chubs is considered a heroic dog because he lifts the morale of people who are stationed away from their families for an extended period of time while they serve their country.  When they see Chubs, they're able to lose sight of the stress they're under for at least a little while.  Morale is extremely important to our military -- without it, they can't perform at the best level they would normally be capable of when they are united with their families.  So they need morale as much as they need water!  Thank you, Chubs, for your service to our country!

Watch him on Youtube!

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