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Letters To Bruce 1: My Promise

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My dearest Bruce,

I've decided to write letters to you on your blog. You can't read them. But maybe others will and maybe it'll touch their hearts enough so that they won't give up on their dog when times get rough. Maybe. It is worth a shot.

When I first laid eyes on you, I felt sad. My heart was heavy with sadness. You didn't jump and bark at people like the other poor souls in their kennels did. You laid there. You, with your sad eyes. You laid there as if your heart was broken. You looked as if your soul was gray.

When the volunteer brought you out to meet me, you sat in front if me and gave me your paw. Your sadness gripped me. I know many people are enchanted with puppy eyes and sweet doggy smiles. Many people just HAVE to bring the dog that makes them swoon home. But this was different.

You looked as if your world was over. And when you gave me your paw, it was as if you had made peace with that. As if you'd already accepted that you were at the end.

I made a promise to you that day that I would give you your last home on earth. God created dogs to teach people to love. Animals are gifts. And to see such a selfless creature resign in heartache made me angry. It made me angry at your past humans. Didn't they see that the only purpose you have in this world is to love? And they crushed you. And you accepted that. Well I don't.

I was told by a couple of vets that in a few years your hips will require total replacement and that by then you will be too old to handle it. Your pain will decide your time on earth. I promise to love you enough to make up for your past. My goal is to keep you happy until your body, not your heart, decides its time for you to go.

I am sorry that your first few years of life brought you grief. I promise to do my very best to keep your tail wagging. For the rest of your life.

Your human

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  1. This is so beautiful. Our newest dog had a really rough first two years. We rescued him because he was a black pit mix and was on the euth list. (We got him from a rescue that had plucked him from shelter.) Anyway, just got home from vet because he's been acting funny lately and seemed in pain. He's not even 4 and it seems he did something to his back. So much for his frisbee career! We've taken our last 2 dogs to California Animal Rehab (CARE) and they helped SO much. PT and acupuncture and TLC- awesome! If you have PT in your area, I recommend. I wrote letters to my dogs when they passed away...so I would remember as much as I could about them. Time is a funny thing.



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