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Help! My dog would rather poop in his cage!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kyle is in need of your advice! He and his family just took in a rescue and are facing nasty potty training problems. Can you help?

I have a problem. The chihuahua we rescued is very hard to get to go to the bathroom outside. He is six months old and has always used the bathroom outside but now he thinks that when he goes in his crate at night it is time to use the bathroom inside of it.

I take him out right before we go to bed and right when I get up in the morning. Usually in bed by 12 up by 6.

I have tried a large crate with him a medium crate with him and finally last night the small crate thinking that his natural instinct of not using the bathroom where he sleeps would kick in and man was I wrong he made a bigger mess in the small crate than in the the other ones and lord did I have to give him a bath and clean like crazy on everything around his crate.

I refuse to get rid of him especially since my kids all have fell in love with him and my other dog cooper get along so good and the funny thing is my daughters cat and him even play. I have even lined the crates with nice soft blankets and left them bare to see if that helps and learned with him not to put a blanket in the crate unless you want it shredded lol.

Any ideas or thoughts or ways that worked for anyone else would be great I am willing to try anything at this point.

Please be respectful in your comments. Also, this is a family friendly site, so please no profanity. Thanks in advance!

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