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Bruce Goes To Work

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Every once in a while if I have to work a late night, I'll go home and get Bruce's feeding and pottying taken care of. Then I'll get him in the car and take him to work with me. He has a blast at work.

Let me just reintroduce Bruce a little bit. He's got that bloodhound in him. In half of him, actually. And it controls ALL of him. His nose is into everything. The ground. The air. The doors. Crotches. You get the picture. He's also super lovable. He absolutely treasures people and especially kids. He is an attention hog. But he's pretty polite. For the most part. He gets into people's crotches if I don't catch him quick enough. But other than that, he's quite a joy to bring around people. He doesn't jump at anyone or even lick them. Nope.

Bruce goes up to people and gives them the cute puppy smile.

And then he gives them the sad eyes. At this point, they usually give him the "Awww" and rub his head.

And then he's got them. He's on his back for belly rubs. What a ham!
Needless to say, he was totally loved on today. He got to have lots of rubs and everyone talked to him. He is a 90 lb goober for love.

Someone asked me if he was a working dog. He sure does look like it when I'm in uniform and he walks with me. But if anyone got close enough to see his puppy eyes they'd know right away that the only work he does is make people smile.

On the way home, his bloodhound kicked in. He held his nose up to the vent (warm air spewing out, mind you) and breathed in deeply. For about a good 30 seconds.
Then he took a break.
And went back to sniffing.

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