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Lessons From Dogs #4

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't leave a mess for others to step in or clean up.

When I walk Bruce I absolutely cannot stand stepping in poop. No one does. It's disgusting. And it reflects on the owner, not the dog. When I see poop on the ground I think of someone who is lazy or just doesn't care.

One of the biggest lessons I learned while in the military (and it's constantly drilled into our heads) is to leave the place better than you found it. This lesson pertains to everything in life.

If you have a job, perform it in a way that you've exhausted your best efforts so that you leave a good mark behind if you resign or retire. Be a mentor for others. A good one that genuinely cares about the job whether or not you like the job itself.

If you have kids, leave their kids with parents who love them and work hard to guide them so that they are independent, confident but humble, loving towards others, and valuing life itself.



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