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No Bruce for Me

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'm out of the country for a whole year due to my job. And I'm missing my dog. Of course I miss my kiddos so much, but this is a dog blog and I'll stick to the topic 

Here are things I miss about my dog:

  • The times when I'm going from room to room cleaning and every time I turn around, he's there hanging out with me. 
  • When it's late at night and I'm on my porch having a drink and he's laying on the floor just relaxing. 
  • When I'm busy cooking dinner, helping kids with homework and doing laundry, and I turn to see him just staring at me as if he's wondering when I'm going to relax. 
  • When I'm at the dining table after the kids have gone to bed and I'm writing notes or journaling and he comes over, puts his head on my lap and just stays there knowing it helps both of us feel better if I just pet him for a few minutes. 
  • When I'm lying in bed sick and he lying on the floor beside me all day long. 
  • When we're hiking and the scents excite him so much that his drool hangs from his mouth so much that when he shakes his head it wraps around his muzzle. Yes I miss that too. 
  • When I'm reading a book and he lays on the floor in front of me, sprawled out on his back and looks at me with a crazy face that says "You know you wanna pet my belly."
  • When we go for car rides and he spends the whole time looking out the window and then randomly leans over and licks my face like he's saying "Thank you, this is so fun!"
  • When I'm crying over a breakup and he comes over and licks my face. 
  • When he goes on a puppy run in the house and tries so hard not to crash into things but the hardwood floor doesn't care and he crashes anyway.
  • When the cat slaps him in the face and he looks hurt, then chases the cat.
  • When he lays in bed next to me and looks over at me like, "Ha! You let me on the bed."
  • When he farts in his sleep and wakes himself up. 
  • When he snores like a grown man and it scares me out of sleep
  • When his hips hurt and I rub them for him and he looks so much more relaxed. 
  • And finally, when I catch him stealing food off the table and he walks away slowly, hoping that slow motion movement camouflages him. 

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