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New Year's Resolution

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bruce scored a 108 on the Bark Busters dog behavior quiz. :-( 108 is a D. Here's what the results say:

86 - 139 = D This category of dogs has issues that can be serious if not addressed soon. Owners of these dogs are constantly being annoyed and irritated by their behavior and are beginning to think, "Something has got to be done." Fortunately, dogs can change their behavior quite easily, so these owners should seek help immediately.

Bruce's habits are annoying but they've always just been annoying. I crate him while I'm out because his separation anxiety is so bad that I've come home to him baying and pounding on the door, broken blinds, pee stains, and more. While we're home, he behaves well except for the trash digging, table and counter surfing, kids toy stealing, and a few more. All these things are frustrating but I've learned to just live with it. As someone who has had previous dogs professionally trained through Bark Busters, I know better than to ignore the need for training. I have been lazy. There is no other valid excuse. So as a responsible pet owner I make a promise to my dog and to my family that things will change.

I've decided to go with Bark Busters because I've seen first hand the changes their program installs in dogs. Unlike many other programs that use corrective devices or other negative reinforcement methods, Bark Busters teaches you the dog language, giving you the ability to be in control. Plus, they have a 24 hour hotline lol!

So for my New Year's resolution, I promise to get Bruce into training. And I pray that you will do the same for your family. No matter which program you prefer, i pray it is a program that is safe for your dog, effective for both long and short term situations, and most importantly trains YOU so that you are confident and competent enough in the dog's language that you can be his trusted leader.

Happy New Year everyone.

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