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Holiday Dogs

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas is a time for families and friends. We visit, give gifts, and share laughter and joy. Many humans include their pets when celebrating this special holiday.

If you search online you'll see pictures of dogs in Christmas outfits, Tweets from humans on behalf of their dogs wishing everyone a happy holiday, humane societies dressing up their adoptable dogs in hopes of enticing potential new owners, and many more! Why do people do these things? What makes people include their nonhuman pets in celebration of Christmas?

I can't answer for others so I'll speak on my own behalf. Dogs are and have always been pack animals. When we bring them into our home we become their pack. We become their family and they become ours. When I rescued Bruce I learned that his previous family tied him outside and forgot him. He was 20 pounds underweight. I couldn't imagine living my life alone outside while my family was warm and well fed inside the home. I couldn't imagine how lonely it must've been for a species designed to be with his family. I made a promise to him that he would be a permanent member if my family. And that means including him in our own special way in celebrations of special holidays.

This is only our second Christmas together but it's two cold Christmases that he's warm, well fed and spoiled rotten. I believe I'm not the only dog lover who feels that way. I believe that dog owners who love their dogs get them a gift on Christmas because they believe they are truly a part of the family. Even if he has four legs.

Merry Christmas to all and may your dogs' tails forever wag in your home.

Bruce gets a giant raw hide chew every Christmas.

Meet Holly and her dog Norman!

"This is Norman, my miniature Rat Terrier, in his Christmas pajamas. Some dogs don't like clothing, but Norm gets chilly and actually brings us a sweater. He cooperates and sticks his head through, and he is actually excited when he gets new clothes! He also has a Santa coat. He wore his Santa coat to a local Christmas tree lighting celebration, where he met tons of kids and even found a discarded hot dog! Norm will be joining us, as always, when we go to my parents' house for Christmas dinner and family time." -- Holly R.

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