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My Bruce

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bruce is 7 years old. He is young, but has bad hips and elbows. It shows when it's cold and his back leg gives out on short walks. But he gets back up, gives me a sweet smile as I rub his hip, and moves on. 

He never complains. He lays on the kitchen floor as I cook dinner. He waits up for me at night when I'm busy studying and he's ready for bed. 

Sometimes he gets a wild hair up his butt and takes off running through the house. He crashes into everything and everyone. He is 95 pounds and sounds like a horse when he does this. The kids scream at him and I just giggle. 

He shares his food with the cat. As long as she doesn't mind sharing hers with him too. 

Bruce loves everyone. I can't think of a single being he doesn't love. He chases squirrels, so I believe he loves them too. In a different way. 

He gets into the trash. So the trash can is now in the garage. If you leave food on the table, he uses his very sneaky skills to make it disappear. 

He chases our ferrets. But they always start it. 

If he accidentally falls out of the house through an open door, he will express his state of confusion by running everywhere and making friends with neighbors. 

I am in the military. I've gone on short tours of duty, worked late nights and moved across states. I could easily give him up in exchange for convenience. But I love my Bruce. He is a family member and my closest friend. I can't imagine life without him. 

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