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Tell Your Dog's Story

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In honor of all dogs and the people who love them, I would love to highlight your dog and his/her "How I Met You" story. I think this will be a beautiful way to remind each other not only why we welcomed our furry friend into our home, but also so that love will drive is to be better humans for our dog. After all, they'd do it for us. :)

Please submit your story. Others need to hear it. You don't have to be brief or cut to the chase. Tell your story the way you remember it.

1. Draft an email and address it to JustKeepTheDog@gmail.com OR send me a PM through our FB page www.facebook.com/KeeptheDog.

2. The subject of the email should be "How I Met You"

3. Please briefly introduce yourself. (You may change your name in this section if you wish to protect your identity) In this section please include:
-- First name and first initial of your last name.
-- Where you are from or where you call home (City, state)
-- How many pets do you currently have?

4. Please introduce your dog:
--What is your dog's name?
-- Breed, age
-- Where and how did you meet? (Please tell your story here)

5. Answer the following questions:
-- What was the first thought you had the first time you saw your dog?
-- Give one memorable moment when your dog made you smile or laugh on a rough day.
-- What is your favorite feature of your dog?
-- How do others see your dog?
-- If your dog was given one chance to speak English to humans, what would he/she say?

6. Once you answer all questions above, attach a picture of your dog.

7. Hit "send."

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell your dog's story. Look out for How I Met You on Just Keep The Dog.

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