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Bentley Goes Home

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Sunday, dog owners!  I hope you're spending time with your family, which includes your dogs!  Today is a beautiful Colorado day and I'm so glad because it was a cold spring and summer came with a friggin bang.  It burned with several fires all over the state and many people lost their homes as well as their pets.  Sadly, two people lost their lives.  But with the good Lord's grace, Colorado is once again alive with rain and visitors from all over the world.

Today, I packed up Bentley (the cat I was sitting) and his belongings.  If Bruce could speak, he would only laugh.  While he never attempted to harm the cat, he did stick his nose where it didn't belong and in turn received some cat-slaps to the face.  He enjoyed eating cat food whenever he could get a chance and I believe that was his payback for getting beat up by a 15 lb cat.  As I cleaned up the litterbox and gathered his things, Bentley sat and watched quietly.  I believe he may have been wondering if he was going back home or if I was finding him another place to live.  He wasn't too excited... but then again, cats are rarely excited about change.

On the way to his home and in his pet carrier, Bently cried and called.  Poor thing.  He must've been really stressed.  However, as soon as he was let loose in his wonderful, dog-free home, he was as bouncy as a kitten.  I'm not sad to see him go, but I did enjoy his presence.  Now Bruce, on the other hand, will surely miss the cat food.  Especially the one that comes in the can.

When I got home, I sat on the couch.  It smelled funny.  It smelled like pee.  I took a whiff of a couch pillow.  Yup.  Cat piss.  Bentley had the last word.  Maybe it was meant for Bruce....

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