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Catsitting Oh My!

Monday, June 24, 2013

We are cat sitting this week and it has been really.... interesting. Yeah that's the word. 

Bentley is a beautiful cat who came from a hard life. He was found abandoned by his owners when they moved. Declawed, he had no chance at survival other than to hang around the neighborhood hoping for scraps. My sister in law took him in, but couldn't keep him due to allergies. So I took him and was able to find him a good home. 

He lives a luxurious life with a priest. I think they were made for each other. Bentley hated my home. With a 90 lb Bruce in his face (which, in Bruce's defense, was an innocent attempt to fulfill his curiosity), 3 ferrets and two wild kids, what cat would really beg to live in my home. So moving into a quiet and spacious home with a man who lived alone and happened to have a soft spot for cats was Bentley's jackpot. 

The priest asked me to keep Bentley while he left on a tour. I warned him that Bentley wouldn't be too happy but that I'd keep him safe, fed and warm. He was just grateful not to have to leave him in a crate at boarding. But my prediction rang true the first night. 

Bentley slept in the front loading washer, far from my noisy family. He came out to eat and potty and quickly disappeared. He also managed to swat Bruce in the face a few times when my dog stuck his nose up Bentley's butt. And he swatted at the ferrets when they checked him out.  But tonight, day 3, he's finally coming around. 

He laid on my lap as I watched TV and purred as I rubbed his belly. Then he waited at the patio door while I was outside. I'm hoping the rest of the week isn't too stressful for him. I've got 4 nights left with him. 

Bruce thinks he's hilarious. 

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