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Good Morning, I Have Puppy Eyes!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bruce is such a sweetheart in the morning.  Usually on weekdays, he's too sleepy to wake me up.  In fact he doesn't get out from under my bed until it's time for me to go.  But on weekends and days when I'm off?  He's a huge baby and I can't help but love him.

This morning I stayed under the covers and didn't want to wake up.  You ever have one of those mornings?  I didn't want to start the day.  I wanted to lay under my blanket, hug my pillow and just dream.  The kids came in the room ready to start their playful adventures.  I stayed under my tent and listened to them talk about Oprimus Prime and Bumble Bee.  And that's when Bruce decided it was time to wake up. 

He put his big head on my bed, whined a little and used his bloodhound nose to find my face under my warm, fuzzy blanket.  And he looked at me with the biggest puppy eyes I've ever seen.  I just smiled and rubbed his face.  Then I pretended to fall back to sleep.  That's when he licked my nose.  I popped an eye open and pulled the covers off my head.  And he gave me another little whine- not the annoying one, just the one that says "Mommy can you wake up now?"  I've got to say- something about him makes me a complete goober.  I found myself saying, "Aw good morning Brucee.  Do you want something to eat?  Is the puppy hungry?"
Dogs just have this thing about them that melts something inside you, even if it's just a little.  Maybe it's because they can't answer you back or tell you what they really think of you.  Whatever it is, they have it perfected.

Needless to say, Bruce made sure I woke up on the right side of the bed today.  :)  I love my dog.

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