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Labor Day

Monday, September 2, 2013

So Bentley is back for a week's visit!  Bruce has already pissed him off by stealing his food out of his bowl.  Poor Bentley is sulking in the kids' room while Bruce is sulking after being scolded.  I think, though, that Bruce still thinks he won.

The ferrets are still in their cage this morning because I'm cleaning and I don't need them attacking the vacuum (Squish got her face stuck in the vacuum hose last time she tried to attack it).  They're not very happy right now.  But once the home is cleaned, I'll let them out and they can terrorize the dog and the cat.

Bruce did spend his Labor Day morning harassing the bunnies outside.  The bunnies didn't seem to mind, though.  I think they like driving him crazy by running everywhere... just far enough away where he can't reach.  He's too funny.  At the end of his leash, he just stares at the bunnies.  I can just see it now:

Bunny:  You didn't get me.
Bruce:  Come here and say that.
Bunny: Why?  You on a leash or something?
Bruce:  You're lucky you aren't on a leash too.
Bunny:  Oh!  That's because I'm not a dog!  Hahaha!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  Stay safe and don't forget to hydrate your dogs!!

Me and Bruce

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