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Sigh - The Price of Dog Ownership

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For the first time ever, I slipped in the snow as I was about to pick up dog poop.  Yay for firsts.

It's only 27 degrees out, but there is still snow out from our below-freezing weather a few days ago.  I took Bruce out as usual.  While he was busy sniffing around, I saw a bunch of dog poop and immediately became disgusted.  The poop was three feet away from the poop bags and can.  How rude!  

So I watched as Bruce did his business and then another dog owner came out.  His pretty yellow lab started barking at Bruce.  As his owner tried to hush him, Bruce (in mid-poop) started barking back.  When he was done, I grabbed a poop bag and made my way toward his mess.  Bruce had other things in mind besides waiting for me like he normally does.

He took off on zoomies, his butt tucked in and his head up high.  I called for him to come and he did, but I was already leaning into the lead and when he loosened it as he ran toward me, my foot went out from beneath me and I landed flat on my butt.  Right next to his mess.  Close one.

I looked up to see if the other dog owner was around to witness it, but to my relief he had already gone.  So I stood up, my hands all wet from the snow, and picked up the mess.

As I walked Bruce back home, I couldn't help but giggle.  I actually fell in the snow right next to the poop.  Gross.

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